Making auditions more accessible for neurodivergent performers

Neurodivergent performers face unique challenges when navigating audition spaces. We know only too well how daunting auditions can be. Uncertainty about the audition space – the lighting, the noise level, even how the doors operate can all add unnecessary stress to an already nerve-wracking experience.

A recent Triple A Performer survey, drawing on lived experience, revealed that acoustics and access to quiet breakout spaces are top priorities for these creatives.

Collaboration with industry leaders

Through collaboration with industry leaders and leveraging the insights from our recent survey, we have launched the groundbreaking Access Pack. Designed to take the guesswork out of audition spaces, we are delighted that Spotlight has adopted this valuable resource as part of our ongoing partnership with them.

Spotlight is the first agency in the country to roll out the Access Pack across their studios nationwide. This exciting partnership goes beyond the Access Pack; Spotlight has also signed with us as an official partner and have generously donated to support our mission.

What is the Triple A Performer Access Pack?

This downloadable pack provides crucial information for neurodivergent performers, including:

  • Instructions/photographs to assist with entering and leaving the building
  • Photos of staff in reception areas
  • Locations of quiet spaces to prepare before auditions

The pack is available on Spotlight’s website, accessible to both performers and casting professionals. This empowers casting directors and agents to find neurodivergent-friendly spaces and cater to the needs of neurodivergent clients.

Bringing positive change to the industry

Spotlight’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity is truly inspiring. Pioneering this initiative with Triple A Performer aligns perfectly with our shared goal of championing a more accessible and welcoming performance industry. We look forward to collaborating with Spotlight on many future projects to create positive change for all performers!

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