Please help us to raise awareness and acceptance of neurodivergency in performing arts

Triple A Performer is working hard to raise awareness and acceptance of neurodivergent creatives in performing arts/drama to enable access on a level playing field.

As well as a National Lottery grant, we have now set up a crowdfunding page which will help us to fund training resources, videos for professionals, including casting directors, agents and tutors to enhance their knowledge of neurodivergency.

Our training and resources are built from lived experience within performing arts of neurodivergent children, young people and adults. We support this with professional qualifications in neurodivergency, training and continuous research of the sector we represent.

What is neurodivergency?

Neurodivergency encompasses a range of neurological conditions that vary the way in which someone learns, attends, communicates and interacts. For example, this could be autism, ADHD, dyspraxia, dyslexia, etc.

How can you help?

Please click here to donate to our Just Giving page. Thank you for your valued contribution.

If you would be happy to share your lived experience of neurodivergency in the performing arts sector – whether you are a performer or someone who works within performing arts supporting neurodivergent creatives – please go to our survey here. We really appreciate your time sharing your thoughts with us.

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